Commercial real estate in Europe as a profitable investment

Owing to steadily growing economy, European countries are attracting more and more foreign investors day by day. It is pretty simple: if the economy is stable, business is productive and thriving there, and if business is growing, there is always a demand for commercial real estate. Based on the recent performance, prices of commercial property in Europe are rising, which confirms its relevance and profitability as an investment idea once again. 



Advantages of investing in commercial property in Europe:

  • Profits from the operation. Regardless of whether you personally use the purchased properties for statutory purposes of your business, or give it for rent, you will be able to quickly cover your outlays;
  • Reliability of investments. Residential and commercial property in Europe is the most stable economic sector, and therefore your investment is automatically protected from devaluation;
  • Transparency of transactions. Procedures of purchase and sale in the EU are governed by clear and simple legislation, owing to which both parties (seller and buyer) are free of financial and legal risks.

Commercial real estate in the conventional sense involves a combination of solely production facilities; though in Europe, the concept of commercial real estate includes villas, apartments, houses and cottages purchased with the purpose of obtaining rental income. Options of relevance for investment alongside with are still the following:

  • Industrial property (factories, plants, operating bases, warehouses);
  • Commercial property (shops, shopping areas and malls);
  • Business real estate (office buildings, business centers);
  • Real estate of flexible purpose (hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, etc.);
  • Land plots;

                            Buying and selling commercial real estate in Europe


MARR, a catalogue of the best offers from various European countries is available for you. We offer you a full range of services:

  • Object search based on specified criteria;
  • Professional expert assessment of the object against compliance between quality/price;
  • Negotiating and bidding on your behalf;
  • Organization of purchase/rent and sale of commercial property in Europe;



With the help of specialists of MARR, you will be able to choose the perfect option of business property that will be most focused on your goals and objectives: if it is your company’s office, it will have a favorable location and infrastructure, which will provide for attracting a lot of customers; if it is a production facility, it will be equipped according to the needs of your business and even more.

Purchase of any kind of commercial property should be treated very carefully because regardless of the specifics, it will become an integral part of your company, it will affect your prestige and business development in general. If you are in search of functional solutions within budget, please consult our specialists!