Products from Poland: how to buy cheaper?

Today Poland is a prosperous European country that can boast of successful performance in almost every sector of economy. Its products are in high demand both in the EU and CIS countries, where people especially appreciate European quality. Polish products are a worthy and affordable alternative to domestic products, there is a wide range, and the optimum ratio of price/quality. With the help of the MARR, every resident of the post-Soviet space can purchase goods from Poland at the best price, because we provide an opportunity to establish direct cooperation with Polish manufacturers, bypassing repeated resale of goods on the way from the EU to CIS.



We are specialized in the turnover of large quantities of goods, professionally arranging the full cycle of import and export activities (from product searching and purchase, to transfer, customs clearance and certification). With our help, you will be able to buy by wholesale such popular products from Poland such as building materials, electrical appliances, household chemicals and beauty care products, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals, vehicles and auto parts, furniture and accessories, as well as many other strategically important household goods.


Buying Polish products by wholesale with MARR

You will be able to attract customers with uniqueness of the proposed items, combined with their affordable cost, because it is easy to afford, with direct delivery from the manufacturer and the lowest possible purchase price.

Delivery of goods from Poland with MARR

One of the key benefits of shopping in Poland is lack of borders and customs duties between the member countries of the European community and an opportunity to purchase products of famous European brands without any margins of local dealers and distributors. Thus, with our help, you will be able to buy not only products from Poland, but also Germany, Denmark, Austria, France, Belgium, Sweden, etc.

Speaking about how to buy goods in Poland, we should also mention the financial benefits stipulated by the Polish law for foreign exporters. When buying goods on the territory of the Polish Republic, you can count on VAT return up to 23% when the export of goods to the Eurasian Union is confirmed. As the experience of the Eurasian businessmen involved in international trade confirms, bringing goods from Poland is often more cost-effective (even taking into account all the costs of customs duties and transportation) than disposal of local, already-established products.

Owing to the full-range resources of MARR, you will not have to worry about how to bring goods from Poland to the CIS; our logistics specialists organize transportation to the most remote corners of the Eurasian community every day, ensuring timely arrival and integrity of the goods, excluding any costs.

                                    How to order goods from Poland by our company?


In order to acquire desired products, you can contact our representatives and fill in a form indicating the categories of items, according to which we could be guided in the course of your order filling. The package of services includes finding the right products, price monitoring of goods in Poland, negotiations with the manufacturer, checking for quality and purchase of the consignment, transportation planning, as well as customs formalities. Ordering goods from Poland in our representative office is a great opportunity to purchase branded products with a rich assortment without artificial over-pricing. Purchase of goods in Poland for large- or small-scale business is a chance to stand out favorably in their field, as an offer to try a new exclusive European product is much more appealing than a call to buy something of the massmarket class.



 If you are interested in expanding the range of imported products and intend to buy goods from Poland to order, please contact us for further details.