Polish markets – the first step to development of the Eurozone

It is definitely much easier and safer to develop business within one's home country than to expand usual boundaries and get out of one's comfort zone, rushing abroad. Neverthless, as experience of many Eurasian businessmen confirms, the risk in this case exceeds all expectations and encourages those who have decided to internationalize their product or service.

Thus, mastering the Polish market within a given business sector, you will not only expand the existing audience of consumers by means of local population, but do the work for the long run, because in this case Poland should be considered in the context of the whole of Europe, which is 39 000 000 potential customers. Due to the lack of borders between Eurozone countries, exports of goods to the EU from CIS countries via Polish markets will provide you with an opportunity to enjoy all the advantages of the common economic space. The goods imported through the Polish border can be legally merchandised across the EU.



However, despite such "formality" as passing of the EU customs area , you should take into account individual peculiarities of legislation in each of the member countries of the European community, because they also affect the degree of difficulty of import/export procedure of products. Product requirements may vary depending on destination of sales (whether the buyer is represented by a major retail chain, or an individual). As a provider, you may need additional certificates not stipulated by the standard laws of the country through which the goods are imported.

                                           Why is the Polish market so attractive to businessmen of the CIS?


Polish markets are very interesting for CIS entrepreneurs, since the government conducts liberal policy towards its neighbors. Territorial proximity is also convenient for foreigners, due to which financial and time costs of transport are reduced, and the transfer can be easily controlled at all stages.

Regardless of the subject of a business segment, any market of Poland can make your product more liquid, and the business itself more profitable. This is due to the higher standard of living and, as a result, increased purchasing power of consumers in general. 

How to get to the Polish markets with MARR

Like everything new, commercial activity abroad requires careful planning. Any goods exported from the CIS countries should be presented to the European consumer, taking into account all the specifics of the brand and manufacturer.

Whether you sell retail, or are directly aimed at wholesale markets in Poland, we offer our clients a full cycle of services related to bringing products to the EU:


  • Selection of activity fields for the categories of manufactured goods;
  • Establishment of a legal entity in any legal format.
  • Patenting in case of unique developments;
  • Registration of the trademark/brand both in Poland and the European Union;
  • Analysis of the market and your competitive position;
  • Finding business partners for cooperation;
  • Adapting of business- and marketing strategies taking into account the needs of local consumers, comprehensive localization of the product;
  • Registration of licenses and certificates;
  • Direct sale of goods in the retail/wholesale market of Poland and the EU;
  • Logistics in the EU and CIS


Today Poland is a dynamically developing country with many opportunities and a promising potential. Interacting with MARR, you will be able to make maximum advantage of its advantages and bring your business to a qualitatively new level.

You will have access to retail and wholesale markets, both in Poland and Europe as a whole, an opportunity to become a permanent participant of international trade that seems out of reach for your competitors and it will be you who will implement it!