Metal export to the EU with MARR

According to statistics, to provide for normal functioning of industry in Europe, member countries of the Union have to buy export raw materials in large volumes annually, because local resources are not able to cover all production costs. Such industries as construction, energy, medicine, machine/aircraft industries require regular supply of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most of which are imported from the Russian Federation – the largest trading partner of the EU.

That's why the metal export to Europe is a profitable business for Russian entrepreneurs, and it will become safe and stable for you with the support of MARR. In addition to the wholesale procurement of metal raw materials and finished products, Europe also shows great interest in purchase of the scrap metal exported from Russia. Its processing allows to reduce financial costs in various areas of production, since remelting of scrap is often cheaper than working with fresh raw materials.



Today, popular trends of metal export from Russia to Europe are supplies of nickel, lead, titanium, iron ore, steel, aluminum, cast iron and many others. To provide the most effective disposal of any of these products, it is important to take into account the specific needs of European countries, in order to form a current offer for the buyer.
The Russian Federation annually exports metal for the value of over $ 20 billion, and about half of its export deliveries falls on the EU countries, which indicates high paying capacity of European buyers and their orientation on long-term cooperation.

                                     Company MARR invites Russian producers/suppliers of colored and black metal to cooperate in the field of export to Europe


With our assistance, you will be able to achieve maximum financial benefit from those advantages, which you are assumed to be endowed with: 

  • Geographical proximity of our countries, including our professional logistics, minimize delivery time and costs;
  • Interest of the European consumer in steel products from Russia can be transformed into conversion with our help, we will organize mutually beneficial cooperation for both parties – the buyer receives the product, the seller receives a decent fee in return;
  • Metal sale in Europe is business cooperation at a qualitatively new level, different from trading operations of the internal market. With participation of our specialists from the field of intelligence, law and trade, economically favorable conditions of the EU will become even a more reliable and safe field of activity;

                                                 Full range of services for the sale of metals in Europe from MARR


We offer to our potential partners a full cycle of services for export consignments of metal: negotiation and conclusion of contracts, loading/unloading of products, transportation and warehousing, customs clearance, etc.

In addition to solving the main tasks of metal export to Europe, we can provide you with a range of supporting services that will allow you to ensure the success of the ultimate outcome:

  • Market liquidity assessment in the EU;
  • Analysis of your products in compliance with customer requirements;
  • Competiotion audit in your niche;
  • Elimination of financial risks in case of currency fluctuations;
  • Allowing for all legislative restrictions of the importing country. 



With MARR, you will be able to considerably expand your business horizons and strengthen your position in the markets of Europe with every new export transaction of metal to the EU. MARR are professionals who will always provide you with timely and competent support and defend your interests in the event of disputes.