Investing in Europe: why Poland? 

According to assessment of independent analytical periodicals, Poland has become one of the most attractive and favorable countries for investment in Central and Eastern Europe over the past few years. Its policy of "open doors" allows foreign businessmen to get high profit from their investments, steadily increasing their own capital and adding to the Polish treasury.



So far, according to the volume of foreign investment, Poland ranks eighth in Europe and twentieth in the world – which is another motivation to transfer your investments in Europe and begin to receive dividends even now. By the way, there are a few of such incentives in the Republic of Poland:


  • Possible exemption from paying corporate profit taxes and VAT reduction. In some economic areas of the country (with high unemployment rate), foreigners are given tax incentives for creating jobs for the local population.
  • Opportunity to receive cash grants from the state. Foreign investment companies that conduct their business activity in Europe can be financially rewarded for significant contribution to the Polish economy development, namely in such areas as: research and development, aviation, automobile construction, foodstaff industry, IT – technology, biotechnology, etc. 
  • Prospect of receiving subsidies from the state and EU funds. Investments in Poland can also allow you to obtain financing from European investment funds and international communities in accordance with the existing programs of solidarity.
  • There is no risk of illegitimate expropriation of profits.
  • Free conversion of profit. According to the applicable Polish law, the income of foreign companies can be converted into other currencies and there are no limits set for this operation.



Business development in Poland involves not only working with the local audience but also the prospect of cooperation with countries of the Western and Eastern parts of the continent. You will be able to successfully engage in export of your products/services abroad owing to the active participation of Poland in the international trade.

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