Import from Europe with MARR

European goods are in high demand both worldwide and in CIS in particular. Owing to their quality, they are highly competitive, and if you decide to import from the EU, the selected direction can be called more than cost-effective. If you want to establish sustainable relations with producers and suppliers in Europe, you can seek the assistance of the company MARR, which will provide the exact balanced package of services that you need.



When you cooperate with us, the following services are available for you;

  • Search of required categories of goods and most advantageous proposals;
  • Negotiating with manufacturers and purchase of products;
  • Execution of all the documents related to purchase and sale transaction;
  • Organization of cargo transportation;
  • Integrated customs services (clearance, certification, storage);
  • Delivery within CIS countries and Europe;


Import from Europe with MARR is also possible on other terms - you can cooperate with us as a technical importer without participating in foreign economic activity at all. You will be buying products for national currency, which has already passed all customs procedures, avoiding all previous import elements.

            Technical import is advantageous for several reasons:

  • No problems with exchange rates;
  • More beneficial tax calculation procedure;
  • No need to make a deal of foreign trade;
  • Reduced risk of customs costs;
  • No need to have your own Logistics Department;
  • Decreased price of cargo transfer;
  • Optimization of time expenses;
  • Direct cooperation with the manufacturer;
  • Best prices for brokerage services;

Import from Europe to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries is carried out with careful logistic planning and expedient use of air, rail and road transport.


Import from Poland and its benefits

The Polish Republic has an advantageous economic and geographical position, which enables her to conduct active international trade and act as an important link between the Customs Union and Europe. Moreover, among the abundance of European goods, the Polish ones assume leading positions in many industries.


So, what is imported by Poland:

  • furniture and accessories;
  • appliances;
  • clothing and accessories;
  • cars and auto parts;
  • foodstaff (mostly fruit and vegetables);
  • building materials, raw materials, etc.










Import of goods from Poland is economically advantageous due to geographical proximity and as a consequence easy and low-cost transfer, as well as owing to the loyal price policy of Polish producers. The prime cost of Polish goods in relation to their high quality makes them most liquid and the business of foreign entrepreneurs consistently profitable. Therefore, the annual rate of foreign investment in the Polish economy is growing rapidly. Import from Poland to Russia and other Customs Union countries is one of the most popular current trade directions, and we are able to offer our customers the most favorable conditions for long-term partnership.

Import of goods from Europe with MARR means, above all, reliability and warranties. When you choose us to support your deals, you choose proven and experienced professionals who are competent in any controversial situation to defend your interests, exclude financial costs and surprise with non-standard solutions.

For free pre-calculation of an import operation and detailed information about our services, please contact our representative online or by phone.