Projects of European houses designed by the best architects of the EU

The European construction style combines the ergonomics thoroughly thought through down to the finest details, state-of-the-art high-tech materials and centuries-old traditions. The projects of European houses designed by MARR are affordable housing built according to European standards with energy-saving systems, rational use of space and quality guarantee. Working on projects of European cottages, Marr architects do not only confine to the goal of visual conformity to a given style, they strive to recreate the comfort of functional minimalism and conciseness that are inherent with houses in Europe.

It is about the choice of simple geometric shapes in the layout of buildings, window and door openings, the range of practical and natural materials, classic colors in the design of facades, and many other nuances. Despite the above-listed standard set of exterior elements, all the European projects of houses and cottages developed by our designers look exclusive and original. We practice personal approach to the fulfillment of each order and try to reflect all tastes and preferences of our customers, implementing their vision of an ideal home.



When you order projects of up-to-date European houses at MARR, you receive a number of benefits:


  • High proficiency and experience of architects;
  • Proven construction technology and continuous quality control;
  • Affordable price both of ready-made and individual projects;
  • Quick work execution;
  • Formation of full-scale project documentation package – architectural and structural sections (including water supply, sewerage, electricity mains, heating, etc.);
  • Solution of all organizational issues related to carrying out of construction works (permits obtaining, approval of construction by all government agencies);
  • Consultation and guidance at all stages.



In the catalogue of MARR you will find original house designs of European architects for any budget - from economy to the luxury class. Upon your request, a project may include additional garage constructions, as well as landscape modeling based on a particular area.

The company MARR offers projects of up-to-date European cottages and houses both to private developers and the companies engaged in direct sales of completely constructed facilities. We will help you to purchase your own plot of land and housing in any of the EU countries, taking into account all local characteristics of the construction industry in each of them, as well as local climate, construction style, unique technologies and materials.


House designs in European style and their characteristics

A distinctive feature of European country houses is their simplicity and appropriately organized space, since they reach 100-150 square meters on average. House designs from Europe in most cases have a balcony and a terrace, top floor (designed as a full-fledged living area), basement is often used as an entertainment area (billiards, tennis, etc.), white walls and contrasting shade of the roof, classic or oriel windows.

Building designs in Poland do not differ from other European architectural objects in terms of quality and performance stylistics, since Poland, on top of that, is a producer of many modern building materials that make it possible to achieve the best heat/noise insulation level, reliability and durability with minimal financial investment. Thus, in Poland you can see the houses made of timber frame construction (wood and steel), alternate house designs built of SIP panels, cellular concrete (aerated and foam concrete), ceramic blocks and other materials.



European house projects designed by MARR

With experienced Marr architects, you have access to any European house designs, both one – storey and multi-storey. We work in different stylistic trends, creating European house designs with an attic, basement, oriel decoration, country elements and inspired by true country classics.

Owing to careful planning of construction process, you will be able to accurately calculate costs and stay within budget; whereas originality of our solutions will give you an opportunity to obtain an exclusive up-to-date home with a higher level of comfort.



Appreciate the diversity of our ideas even now in the catalogue of completed projects of MARR