How to buy goods from Europe on favorable terms

Everyone must have heard of the high quality of European products at least once. Though unfortunately, as soon as the goods from Europe are delivered into the CIS countries, the cost offered to the customer is growing exponentially, raising serious doubts about the advisability of purchase. The pricing is definitely affected by fluctuations in the exchange rate, but the main problem that hinders inhabitants of the CIS to fully experience the benefits of imported goods, is a lot of existing intermediaries, which they have to pass before reaching the ultimate consumer. The more intermediaries you have, the higher the cost is.

The company MARR offers you not to exclude European products out of use and not to look for domestic substitutes, but purchase the targeted products by wholesale, directly from the manufacturer. We are specialized not only in solution of logistics issues, but we can also offer you the full range of services related to foreign goods purchase, including finding appropriate products, negotiating with the manufacturer, customs clearance and certification, transfer arranging and so on. 



There are several online platforms aimed at making purchases abroad through modular cargo formation, but buying goods from Europe via Internet portals, you will still not be able to exclude the wholesale intermediary link (who is represented by a provider in this case) out of the chain and make a deal directly with the manufacturer; we conversely offer you this opportunity. Since the wholesale supplier sells goods with his own profit margin, you have to already overpay for each unit of the products (plus added transportation costs), while the cost of collaboration with MARR could be by far compensated by your direct contact with the manufacturer and the lowest possible purchase price.

                               How to buy goods from Europe with MARR

Since we work with large quantities of goods, we use best transport options to carry certain categories of goods, in order to make your investment economically viable and delivery times consistent with its targets. In most cases, goods from Europe are delivered via railroads and by trucks. 

An experienced logistics team of MARR will allow you to export even bulky and oversized cargo on favorable terms, in specially equipped vessels and with guarantee of safety. Today we operate throughout the territory of the Eurasian Union and provide our clients with delivery of goods from Europe to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and many other countries.

Due to the fact that purchase of goods in Europe for residents of the CIS is similar to online shopping, the process should be approached very carefully, especially in case of large-scale wholesale. Since the buyer cannot personally verify the quality of products, we offer our assistance in solution of this issue.

Our specialists will evaluate your targeted market of goods, select a producer with the most beneficial conditions of cooperation, and check the availability of your desired items, conformity of the claimed level of quality to the existing one, certificates (if necessary), negotiate on your behalf and settle all organizational issues, in order to make goods ordering from Europe as familiar and comfortable as shopping within the country.



How to sell products in Europe with MARR

The convenience that we provide our customers with is an opportunity of reversing trade in the EU direction. We will tell you how to bring goods from Europe and how to export them from the CIS countries to the Eurozone with minimal legal risks and costs.

Working with MARR, you will receive high-quality and financially affordable services that will enable you to enter the European market with competitively priced goods and take your place among local entrepreneurs. Import of goods from Europe to the countries of the Eurasian Union through our resources is economically viable based on the same principle – because you can avoid multiple overpayments for the goods by means of eliminating several intermediaries out of the deal.

If you are interested in ordering goods from Europe via the Internet, please check the detailed terms and conditions of purchase of our representatives and you will be able to surprise your clients with the exclusive assortment replenishment within a short period or set up your production with imported technology.