Export of timber from Russia to Europe – fast, safe and profitable

According to unprocessed timber export, the Russian Federation holds leading positions in the world, giving the first place to Canada, only in the field of wood sawn export. The availability of such important natural resources as wood provides for functioning of several industries immediately, so the export of timber is always in demand. For Russian companies that supply timber, entering the European markets is the best option of disposal of their products in terms of costs and profitability. Despite the fact that timber of the Russian Federation is in high demand in China, Iraq, Iran, Japan, Egypt, their transfer and sale in the EU will require less time and effort, and it will be more cost-effective.



  Moreover, countries of the Eurozone are, first of all, customers with high purchasing power who are interested in long term cooperation. 


Depending on the national household lifestyle, features of any country - importer of Russian timber,  the demand for certain tree species also varies. With MARR, you will be able to export different categories of wood to the EU with maximum financial benefit, because given the specifics of working with the main consumers of Russian timber in the EU (Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, etc.) and their needs, we know exactly what range of Russian timber Russia should be offerred to them.

Timber export from Russia to Europe has been mainly represented by unedged timber trade in recent years, but now the trend towards finished timber products (batten, saw timber, edged boards, etc.) is under way. You can always rely on objective demand assessment for your product with MARR, since we carefully study the Russian forest product market before expertly guiding you among current market prices as of the date of sale.

                                                                            Timber export to Europe with MARR


The company MARR offers you an opportunity to work directly with the largest woodworking enterprises in the EU. We arrange a full cycle of operations related to timber export to Europe for you, providing legal and insurance guarantees, lack of language barrier in communication with the buyer and strict adherence to the terms of contract from the part of both parties. Considering all the specifics of import and export wood operations, we offer competent assistance in the following areas:


  • Negotiating with buyers in the EU and conclusion of contracts;
  • Services of loading/unloading;
  • Transportation of cargo according to all the requirements of stacking, fixing, packaging, etc.; 
  • Temporary storage;
  • Customs clearance;



Very often, European consumers of Russian timber are represented by commercial agents, who then resell the wood to companies and factories in the EU. They buy large volume of export timber from Russia, but at a rather low price.

Interacting with MARR, you will also be able to sell timber in large quantities, but at a significantly higher price.