European markets – advantages and prospects

The promotion of one‘s products abroad is a choice in favor of foresight and progressiveness on the one hand, and a necessary measure, on the other , which businessmen from all over the CIS decide to take under current crisis conditions. The efficiency of this decision is doubtless, since the European market is represented by nearly 740 million potential consumers with high purchasing power and greater interest in imported goods. 

Being aware of the specific character of the European market’s functioning, as well as zonal originality of preferences of each nation, the company MARR will help you effectively trade in the EU, offering a comprehensive package of options for sales promotion:


  • Detailed auditing of your field of activity, competitiveness analysis; 
  • Offer formation, including determination of the number of customers, marketing strategy, etc.;
  • Adaptation/localization of products/services;
  • Presentation of your product/service to the European consumer;
  • Development of distribution/dealer networks with constant monitoring of the sale of goods;
  • Negotiation and conclusion of transactions (services of interpreter, lawyer, etc.);
  • Solution of logistic issues;
  • Licensing and certification of products;
  • Assistance in customs procedures;
  • Tax document management, VAT returns;



For your convenience, we offer several flexible interaction schemes to bring your business to the unified European market – both in the form of selective services rendering, and turnkey, one-time and long-term cooperation based on outsourcing.

 With MARR, you will be able to increase the coverage of your product’s distribution, raise awareness of your brand, increase capital and take a strong position on the market of goods and services in Europe.

How to enter the European market?

Trade volumes between CIS countries and the European Union are increasing daily, and this figure is growing both due to infusion of large corporations, and the huge flow of Eurasian entrepreneurs focused on export to Europe. Сooperating with MARR, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary intermediary links out of the trading process and thereby save money, correctly position your product/service, focusing on personalized customer’s needs and conduct your business within the framework of a new, more perfect model. Focus on the ultimate outcome and interest in mutually beneficial transaction is the fundamental principle of interaction with a client, which allows MARR to provide reliable guarantees and stay ahead of competition in their field.

For more detailed information about how to enter certain European markets, as well as about opportunities of doing business in the market of Polish goods, you can contact our representatives through an online request or by phone.