European construction design practices with MARR

Integrated construction design is one of key priorities of the company MARR. It includes working with residential and commercial property items (development of their architectural, structural and engineering aspects). European construction design practices are a benchmark of quality and innovation for specialists of the MARR Company, not the bounds that limit their professional activity with strict criteria. Working with our projects, we aim not only to accurate technical conformity with European standards, but also provide them with  a vivid personality in terms of shape and aesthetic harmony. Many options of ready-made ideas and their adaptation to suit your personal preferences will enable you to buy a home, or an industrial building that will fully live up to your investment and expectations.

All construction activities aimed at construction of civil buildings in the EU are regulated by the Designers Manual for the Eurocode (technical regulations, designed to keep the quality of construction materials production in the EU, work of designers, contractors, etc. at an appropriate level). Eurocodes are essentially principles of construction generally accepted in the EU that determine the working order with different materials (wood, metal, concrete, brick, etc.); as well as allowable safe load on a building, its seismic and geotechnical stability.



Eurocodes are also referred to as harmonised European standards in the field of design, because they enable each member country to make specific changes to construction, based on climate characteristics, for example, or indigenous technologies. 

Together with MARR,  there is a variety of investment projects in Europe available for you – we build new and sell ready-made buildings and complexes, cooperate with individuals and developers.





Design in Poland – residential and commercial real estate.

By the agency of MARR, you can use design services in Poland, the proposed package includes:

  • Project concept development with substantiation of investment and costs calculation;
  • Individual design of interior/exterior and surrounding landscape;
  • Execution of project documents (obtaining the documents authorizing to perform construction works and construction approval by all local state services);
  • Preparation of statements with fixed estimate of construction costs and deadlines;
  • Organization of construction works;
  • Consulting at all stages of cooperation;


In order to have a look at the catalogue of ready-made facilities and get more detailed information about investments in design, please contact our representatives and get free advice from leading experts of MARR