Construction in Europe: bringing innovations to life

European construction technology has been a constant standard of quality for the past several centuries. They might be more monotonous and primitive earlier, but today the construction industry in Europe is developing dynamically in several directions – development of modern artificial polymeric construction materials, which serve as a worthy and more accessible analogue of the natural ones; these are innovative design and engineering methods, improvement and automation of construction processes, innovative design solutions and much more.

Europe is a combination of state-of-the-art technology and old construction traditions, which are harmoniously combined in world-known "Finnish-style houses", "Canadian villas", or "German country houses".


                                 With the help of the MARR, you will be able to acquire exclusive housing at minimum expense - we solve tasks in a single package: 


  • Search and purchase of a land plot for development purposes;
  • Preparation of documents and getting approval of construction at all entities;
  • Development of a detailed design project (with heating, wiring and drawings of gas/water supply, etc.);
  • Calculation and purchase of construction materials;
  • Selection of furniture and appliances to outfit a house, an office, a hotel;
  • Search of subcontracting construction companies in Europe in case of non-standard housing-building;
  • Leasing of A class professionals, organization and control of construction activities;
  • Informing at all stages.



Construction of houses in Europe is carried out in 90% of cases by means of frame designs, the varieties of which allow to obtain the levels of heat/noise insulation and energy conservation required by the customer, and invest within budget. 

As a rule, such European building materials as softwood, steel, plasterboard, cellular concrete, heat-insulating SIP panels, OSB boards, ceramic blocks, polymers, silicates and many other materials (used for interior and exterior finish of the house).

                                      Construction in Poland – affordable and high-quality


House-building in Poland is one of the leading directions of MARR. The greatest advantage of this option of house-building is the optimal ratio of price and quality. Since Poland is more open and loyal to foreigners than other countries, and also due to the fact that it is a manufacturer and exporter of a large proportion of building materials in Europe, construction project implementation is much more profitable and economically justified than elsewhere in the EU. 

There are also many opportunities for the home interior decor in Poland, as theу produce a huge amount of soft and cabinet-type furniture, home accessories and household appliances.



With our help, you will also be able to purchase building supplies at construction depots in Poland and import them into CIS countries on favourable terms, working directly with the manufacturer. We will provide you with an opportunity of remote collaboration with the highest level of comfort, and you will not have to be present in Poland at the time of construction or purchase of a batch of construction materials.

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