Products from Poland

Today Poland is a prosperous European country that can boast of successful performance in almost every sector of economy. Its products are in high demand both in the EU and CIS countries

Polish markets

It is definitely much easier and safer to develop business within one's home country than to expand usual boundaries and get out of one's comfort zone, rushing abroad.

Goods from Europe

Everyone must have heard of the high quality of European products at least once. Though unfortunately, as soon as the goods from Europe are delivered into the CIS

Import from Europe

European goods are in high demand both worldwide and in CIS in particular. Owing to their quality, they are highly competitive,

European markets

The promotion of one‘s products abroad is a choice in favor of foresight and progressiveness on the one hand, and a necessary measure,

House Designs

The European construction style combines the ergonomics thoroughly thought through down to the finest details, state-of-the-art high-tech materials and centuries-old traditions.

Certifications in Europe

For businessmen from CIS countries, who are interested in export of their products abroad, product certification for compliance with international

Export of timber from Russia to Europe

According to unprocessed timber export, the Russian Federation holds leading positions in the world, giving the first place to Canada, only in the field of wood sawn export

Metal export to the Europe

According to statistics, to provide for normal functioning of industry in Europe, member countries of the Union have to buy export raw materials in large volumes annually