The MARR company has been an independent investor in the construction business in Poland since 2001.

The company is ready to finance up to 60% of the total estimated investment value, the most interesting projects are the ones of residential and commercial facilities construction on the territory of Poland.

The documents required to obtain financing;

  • legal status of the land plot - ownership or use in perpetuity 
  • development plan – land development conditions 
  • coordinated project - construction permit
  • confirmation of 40% of the total investment amount in the company's account or bank guarantee

The company MARR offers the following services of the construction works

General Contractor

  • obtaining permits for construction
  • rendering services of a licensed engineer
  • construction stages control 
  • technical supervision 
  • investment implementation
  • warranty and post-warranty investment service


House construction on a turnkey basis

  • obtaining preliminary documents for project development
  • project development and coordination to obtain a building permit
  • site preparation for the first construction stage 
  • construction stages / control 
  • facility commissioning
  • warranty / post-warranty investment service

Finished house projects in Poland


You can find projects of one-storey houses with an attic among our offers, as well as multi-storeyed buildings of different sizes, characterized by modern design, innovative design solutions and comfortable interiors. When you order a finished house project from us, you get a full set of technical documents in quadruplicate.

The project includes:


1. Architectural design;

  • technical description
  • plan sections of separate floors (basement, first floor, second floor and attic plans)
  • roofing and roof plan
  • separation wall description
  • recommendations on residential finishing (detailed description, colors of the materials used)
  • a list of window and door joinery

2. The construction project;

  • an extract from the static endurance calculation
  • construction plans
  • a list of reinforcement works

3. Project of internal sanitary and gas systems;

  • technical description of the central heating system, including calculations
  • energy characteristics of the house
  • comparative analysis for alternative heating systems
  • technical description of water and drainage and gas systems
  • sanitary and gas system drawings


4. Internal electrical system project;

  • technical description of the electrical system
  • electrical system drawings
  • fuse circuit
  • lightning protection


Additional documents can be obtained

  • detailed assessment of investment costs
  • floor heating project
  • heating project with the use of heat pump
  • mechanical ventilation project with heat recovery
  • fireplace project with a cooling-water jacket
  • fireplace-heating project
  • solar system project